The future of executive search

Monday, April 29, 2019

Finding the right balance of talent in a senior team is one of the critical success factors for any business, but particularly those looking to achieve a lasting impact in their industry. The executive search market is a key component in helping clients achieve this, but search professionals need to respond to reflect modern business.

Below will be the hallmarks of success in the industry.


Experience in business

Foremost, the team needs to be focused on how their service delivers a business advantage. This requires a deep understanding of business, industry and senior team dynamic to ensure how each role will link to enhancing their clients’ business performance. Being a recruitment specialist isn’t enough, you need to really understand business.


Enhancing personalisation

Despite the accelerated pace of technology, the heart of consulting is about establishing a long-term relationship with clients, which builds a deep understanding of client needs.  Using technology to improve efficiency is vital however this should be used to enhance a personal service rather than replace it.  Knowing the difference will be essential.


Proactive professionals

The senior team of any company is an incredibly dynamic place. Their decisions require the highest level of service and a responsiveness that reflects the commercial realities of business.


The right fit

For senior appointments, a company wants to ensure it is accessing the best talent in the industry and that the right fit includes skills, experience and business culture. The importance and interplay of all three needs to be understood so that clients are being introduced to rounded talent.


Easy to use

The complexity and sophistication of businesses and market places a great emphasis on consultants ensuring a smooth, convenient and responsive service. This means creating a wider range of in-house capability to offer clients a more joined-up service. Critical in this is the smart use of technology and systems to ensure the client’s overall experience is responsive.

To modernise executive search the key is to create an experience for clients and candidates that incorporates all of the above.  That takes a real commitment to consulting excellence and a long-term view...