The do's and don’ts of searching for a new job when employed

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As the New Year creeps up on us, more and more people will be looking for a new job, and January is by far the most popular month to do so. In fact, it is estimated that around half (59%) of UK workers will either search for a new job or at least consider new opportunities if they are approached by a potential new employer or recruiter.  

However, this presents a challenge for job seekers – how to keep their search a secret and keep their current boss from finding out. 

When looking for a new position you tread very carefully - if your current employer finds out you’re looking to leave them, it could land you in hot water and you may find you end up leaving sooner than planned! To help you get around this, we’ve put together the dos and don’ts of searching for a new job while your still currently employed.   

DO keep it confidential 

Telling your colleagues or posting on social media that you’re looking for a new job or have secured an interview is a very big no-no. You can’t risk your employer finding out about your intentions and if you’re unsuccessful, this will only leave a sour taste in your employer’s mouth, and their confidence in your loyalty and work enthusiasm could make things uncomfortable both for you and them.   

DON’T lie to your employer when you manage to secure an interview 

Don’t ring in sick or make up a poor excuse to get the day off. If you have holiday then use it. This will help with two things: one, you’ll find you’re a lot less stressed as you have the entire day off; and two, you don’t have a guilty conscience about lying to your employer, or have to uphold the lie you’ve informed your boss. If you don’t have any holiday left, ask for a day’s unpaid personal leave instead. 

DON’T dress smarter than usual 

If you work in an office where the dress code is smart/casual, and most days you wear jeans and a shirt, don’t come in on interview day dressed to the nines. This will be obvious to your employer and ring alarm bells, especially if you’ve booked that afternoon, or morning off.  

DON’T search for jobs at work, especially when using your company computer 

Searching for jobs at work, even on a lunch break is dangerous, sometimes you don’t know who’s watching, it can also break your focus from your working day. It’s important not to use your work computer to search for jobs, first of all, you should be getting on with work related projects and second of all, if your employer becomes suspicious, they can access, and have the right to access your previous internet search history. 

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