Social media vs recruiters – who comes out on top for job seekers?

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With social media being a key tool in recruitment, sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn are juggernauts for today’s job seekers. These platforms are helping more people secure their dream jobs, with some suggesting that social media and tech in general could be the death knell for recruitment agencies altogether. But is this really the case? The answer is of course no, and the stats prove the employers are now more than ever relying in agencies to help them attract the best talent.

Indeed, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, the leading membership body for the recruitment industry, 56% of all jobs will be filled by agencies between now and the end of 2017 – that’s a rise of 10% on 2016. So, if employers are increasingly turning to agencies to recruit, it follows that job seekers should be doing so too. You’re more likely to land your dream role via an agency. Here’s why:

Your CV has a greater chance of being seen:

Employers receive dozens of applications every day and the bigger the organisation, the greater the number they receive. While you can contact the employer directly by sending your CV, or connecting with them via LinkedIn or Twitter, this won’t necessarily get you a head start over your competition, and may be seen as more of a hindrance.

Many employers use recruitment teams whose job it is to sift through the applications before they get anywhere near the hiring manager, and CVs that haven’t come via their prefered recruitment channels may not be accepted. Recruiters can ‘sell’ you in to employers and when they know that your application is coming from their trusted recruitment partner, they can set aside time to assess it.

Finding the right ‘fit’ for you:

One size never fits all, and it is the role of the recruiter to get to know you, your personality and your approach to work. Armed with this insight, recruiters can match you with a suitable company. It is estimated that we each spend 70% of our waking lives at work, so it’s important that this is time spent working somewhere that is the right cultural ‘fit’ for you. This is where a recruiter can help and social media simply cannot.

You’ll discover what employers are really looking for:

In most instances, recruiters already have an established relationship with the employer. They know the business, understand their needs, and what they are really looking for in a future employee. This can give you that all-important edge over other applicants. They can give an insight into how the company works, what the interviewer is like, and what they look for in their ‘ideal candidate.' In doing so, candidates are armed with everything needed to wow an interviewer and put themselves in the best possible position to get the job.

You’re more likely to get the right working package:

Recruiters are skilled negotiator – they know how to effectively mediate between employers and candidates to secure the right salary and benefits packages. It is the responsibility of the recruiter to manage your expectations from the off.

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