How to position yourself as an employer of choice

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Positioning yourself as an employer of choice is vital in today’s economy. Despite the economic uncertainty, there are currently more people looking to change employment than ever before. A good team, enjoyable work load, flexible working, and pay, make up the top four attributes employees look for in an employer. Get this right and your business will flourish, but just how can you position yourself as an employer of choice?  

When asked what the most important qualities are in a new employer, 67% of people from an Investors in People survey said competitive pay, 64% said work enjoyment, nearly half said good benefits, and over a third said having a reputation as a good employer. With nearly one-in-three people unhappy in their current role, how can you position yourself as an employer of choice?  

Employee reviews 

Glassdoor, Great Places to Work, The Job Crowd and other employer review sites make it easier for prospective employees to get an idea of what it’s like to work for your company. Why not ask your staff at different times throughout the year to write an honest, professional review about the company? This gives potential new candidates the chance to have a real insight into your working practices and environments, if positive (which we're sure it will be), will promote you as a great employer of choice.

Get social with your target audience  

Share pictures of company events, team nights out, weekly meetings, examples of work, and current projects you’re working on. All things that are authentic, transparent and give potential new candidates an insight into how your business works are beneficial, regardless of how small or large your business is.  

Employee stories  

Your current employees are your greatest source of talent attraction. So, get their stories. Publish a Q&A on your Careers, or About Us page as to why they joined the business, what they like most about working there and the challenges they face. Ask them to describe what a typical working day involves, why they want to stay there, and what advice they would give for those considering applying to work there.  

Be seen 

The more people talk about your company, the more opportunities there are for your business to be seen by future employees. This can lead to a better chance of attracting the talent you need to help you grow. Get in touch with the media who publish stories relating to your field, and let them know who you are, and what you are all about.  

Journalist and editors on local and national newspapers and those working on your industry’s key publications, are always looking for new businesses to provide insights, commentary and opinions on the key matters of the day. It helps them out and it raises the profile of your small business at the same time – if a potential candidate sees that the company they are applying to work for is featured in the media, it boosts their perception of you as a business that is respected, and one that will be good to work for. 

Looking for new talent within your various sectors? Get in touch with MSS People today. We pride ourselves on only delivering the best, most qualified, most suited candidates to your firm, and ensure the culture, fit and qualities lie before we send over any candidates CV.  

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