Five things not to put on your CV

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Recruiters receive thousands of CVs across their entire working year, for a number of different job roles. Six seconds is the average time a recruiter will screen a CV for their client, so spotting a spelling mistake, an unprofessional email address or even a picture at the top of a CV could be the difference between sending your information across, or your CV ending up in the bin. With January being the prime month to look and apply for jobs, it's important to get your CV in great shape. We've compiled a list of the top five things not to include on your CV to make sure it lands on your potential employer's desk.

1) Bad spelling, grammar and punctuation

Bad spelling, punctuation and grammar on your CV could mean it isn't passed onto the employer. A CV should be flawless, and spotting an error shouldn't happen. Ensure your CV is perfectly punctuated, everything is spelt correctly, and show correct use of grammar. Use apps, websites or get friends and family to check your CV before submitting it.

2) A picture and your date of birth

Don't include a picture, or your date of birth on your CV. Debated between employers, a CV should concentrate solely on skills, qualifications and experience, not what you look like or how old you are. Even though a picture may make your CV stand out, and could be seen as desirable for sales roles, it's overall best to avoid. The same for adding in your age. Age may be a beneficial factor to an employer, as they may be looking for a graduate or someone with years of experience, but again, overall, it's always best not to include your date of birth, as this could cause a whole bunch of issues for employers such as discrimination cases.  

3) An unprofessional email address

Instantly become more professional and desirable to recruiters with a simple and professional email address. Don't use your quirky email address,, from 10 years ago, this will deter recruiters from passing on your details to any future employer. Keep it simple by using your name, and perhaps a number if your name is already an allocated email address.

4) Salary expectation

Don't put your salary expectation on your CV, this is always down to the discretion of the employer and the company. Nine out of 10 times the salary of the job your applying for is already stated. The salary that's offered by the company will reflect the role and the duties involved - if the salary isn't stated on the job advert, then ask. Overall, it’s best not to mention earning expectations on your CV if you want it to end up in front of an employer.

5) Keep your CV as long as it needs to be. Don't include too much information or any incorrect formatting

Keep your CV to two sides of A4, recruiters will usually skim read a CV and don't have time to flick through three separate pages of information. If it's too long, your finely crafted CV could end up in the bin… even if you are the perfect candidate (just not on paper!). Ensure the same formatting is followed throughout the document, and keep it professional looking with a professional font. Don't include too much information - your new employer doesn't want to know about the work experience you completed when you were 15, your hobbies or, or what you're up to this weekend. Less is more!

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