Automotive boom in the North East? Maybe

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The automotive sector across the region is enjoying something of a renaissance right now. With manufacturing outputs at their highest since 2000 and the increased reshoring of companies back to the UK (and their reinvestment with them), productivity is on the up which in turn is boosting demand for skilled workers.

Our managing director, John McCullogh, was recently asked by the Newcastle Journal to share his insights into how the automotive sector is evolving throughout the North East, and beyond. Here’s what he had to say;

"Whenever the subject of recruitment within the automotive sector is discussed, talk of skills shortages invariably enters the conversation. It also tends to err towards the negative too, yet the automotive sector throughout the North East has much to celebrate. In fact, it is relatively booming.

Nissan’s reaffirmed commitment to the region is just one example who along with the likes of Jaguar Land Rover and Ford are putting the region at the forefront of some of the most innovative and exciting technological and engineering developments taking place today: think electric vehicles and hydrogen tech initiatives. Of course we cannot dismiss the fact that there is the challenge of how to overcome the skills shortages within the sector, but great strides are being made in this area.

The decline in manufacturing is nothing new, it has been happening for decades. This has discouraged many young people from realising that career opportunities do exist within the sector and prompted them to seek a career elsewhere. What is new is the way in which the industry itself is now working hard on a) challenging perceptions, and b) preparing the talent pipeline for the next generation of workers. For instance, there are initiatives where Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers are working with local academia to bring people into the sector at an earlier stage while raising the profile of the automotive industry as a career of choice for younger workers at the same time.

Such is the strength of the sector, there has been a sharp rise in the number of other recruitment companies seeking to capitalise on the innumerable opportunities to be had. However, they are rarely specialists in this field and struggle to add value to the recruitment process. They may be very competent recruiters in other specialisms, but they don’t have the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the automotive sector that comes from several years of experience working closely with most of the region’s biggest employers in the sector.

This is the difference that we offer - we ‘get’ the sector like no other and we have invested significantly in our recruitment processes, including the MSSPeople lnteractive & Exclusive platform to interview, shortlist and select the best candidates for face to face interview. This reduces the employer’s time-to-hire and cost-per-hire and by enabling them to find the best talent they need, when they need it."





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