6 top tips for new managers

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Taking on the role of a manager can come as a shock. In previous jobs the only person a new manager has been in charge of is themselves. Now their personal success is directly tied to the performance of the people under them. In addition, despite being skilled enough to warrant a promotion, very few organisations will actively offer training for new managers.

Put simply, managing people is not a skill that many new managers naturally have - it’s something that is invariably learned on the job. So what is expected of you as a new manager and what skills and traits will help to make you a success in the role?

Getting to know the team: The most important thing for a new manager is to get to know the team. A big part of the job is managing the flow and output of work, so asses what the strengths and weaknesses of your new team are. An understanding of everyone’s main areas of expertise means that the manager can pass on work that plays to their individual strengths, and identify areas for improvement in other staff members. This means that the manager can always facilitate the production of excellent work.

Get to know the business: Having an understanding of the organisational structure supporting your new role is paramount. Take some time to get a lay of the land… being able to adapt to the new environment can be the difference between a good manager and a great one. Discussing the business hierarchy, culture and the expectations that come with the new role is a great way to hit the ground running.

Keep an eye on the bigger picture: As a manager one of the main duties is to be objective with work, keep in mind the bigger picture, it’s not a case of just getting a job done and moving on. How does this task benefit the company? Will it cost more than it’s worth? Who is the best person to take this on? A common hurdle for newer managers is becoming too granular with the tasks being carried out. Asking ‘why’ instead of just ‘how’ is a defining trait of success.

Invest in the team: Any manager will want the very best team possible - they may not have one from the beginning. Spend time investing in the development of your team’s skills and encourage said staff to push themselves. When it comes to giving feedback, be respectful and constructive. If someone has done a particularly great job let them know it, positive reinforcement and constructive criticism can turn an average employee into a great employee.

Rely on the team: Whilst, the manager is in charge, they won’t have the answer to every question. The team will have valuable ideas that might not have already been thought of. Make yourself approachable - a team will be working together, but if the team can’t discuss ideas openly, they will be wasted. Let the team know their advice is valued, and recognise that they can help. A new manager will still be identifying their optimal leadership strategy, if better ways to complete tasks are demonstrated, these ideas should by all means be taken on.

Delegate: In a position of responsibility, the workload will most certainly present too much of a challenge for a lone worker. This is why there is a team of employees available to provide support. Delegate when necessary - the higher ups don’t expect the work to only be done by one person. A manager’s job is to pass that work on to the person best suited for it.

Taking on a managerial position isn’t easy. If new entries to the role embrace their position as a leader, spend the time to get to know the team, and keep an eye on the bigger picture, then they are well on the way to becoming a vital asset to the business they now support.



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