How to get noticed for a job well done

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‘Quick to criticise and slow to praise’: Does this sum up your manager? Recent research found that 37% of managers avoid giving positive feedback to employees. Rather counter-productive really considering employees who receive regular feedback are more committed, more motivated, and more likely to deliver value to the business. The fact that 58% of employees say the answer to improving employee engagement (another hot topic right now) is ‘give recognition’ is quite telling.

Recognition isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a fundamental human need. So assuming your employer is one of the 69% open to positive praise, how can you go about getting noticed for jobs well done?

Go beyond what’s expected

This is probably the most obvious route to recognition, especially if you’re in a more competitive industry. If you want to stand out, it’s not always enough to just meet your targets; you need to surpass them.  And if you don’t have easy-to-measure, quantified targets, clarifying and prioritising the desired outcomes of your work is a critical step in understanding how to exceed those expectations.

Increase your contribution

There are always those jobs in the workplace that need doing but somehow get relegated to the bottom of the list. And they’re often the ones that can make a noticeable difference to office life. By taking the initiative and volunteering to take one on, you’ll be thanked – if for no other reason then because your colleagues are relieved they didn’t end up doing it! Likewise, if you’ve got an idea for improving a process or solving a certain challenge, be confident and share it. If it makes a marked improvement, your contribution will no doubt be remembered.

Network with colleagues

It can be difficult to network when you have a busy work schedule, but by involving yourself in office culture and social events you’ll ingratiate yourself with your colleagues – just don’t forget to maintain a professional image at all times. Getting to know your colleagues on a personal level means you’ll understand their specific challenges. If you can provide them with relevant and helpful support, they’ll be more likely to sing your praises or recommend you when opportunities come up.  Also, soft skills are becoming increasingly more important to employers, so showing you’re good with people is a great way to gain extra recognition.

Think more commercially

You might not work in sales, but you can still look for opportunities to introduce promising leads or new clients to your employer. Building a strong network outside of work can help you to do this, as can making it a priority to keep up-to-date with market trends. Ultimately, businesses exist to make profit, so if you’re seen to be making a direct contribution to the bottom line you’ll certainly increase your chances of getting noticed.

Recognise yourself

Overt self-promotion won’t do you any favours, but looking for opportunities to raise your profile, for example by contributing expert commentary to industry publications or speaking at events, is a very effective way to get noticed at work. Employers love a good bit of PR so provided you keep your message in line with the brand, the visibility you achieve for them can only be a good thing.

Make the first move

Of course, if your manager isn’t forthcoming with the praise, you can always give them some recognition. Maybe they gave an inspiring presentation, or their constructive advice helped you to get a project finished.  Be sincere though; you don’t want to come across as a brown-noser. The chances are they’ll be flattered and may even return a compliment. As the saying goes, ‘flattery will get you everywhere’.  



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