How to attract and retain the best staff

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In 2016, there were 5.5 million businesses in the UK, with over 99% of those being small or medium sized businesses (SMB’s). For prospective employees looking for work there is plenty of choice, but if you’re trying to hire new staff, why should they come and work for you over another company and once there, - why shouldn’t they leave you for someone else? 

Not every company can afford to have different restaurants on each floor like Google, or to have a slide from one floor to the other like Red Bull’s London office, so what can you do?

Many businesses collaborate with higher education establishments to secure candidates with a good education as soon as they leave university. This is not just great for the candidate because finding the first job out of university can be a challenge, but it also means that your company gets first pick of the very best university students before another company swallows them up.

Social media can be considered as a shop window into the business, not just for clients but for potential recruits as well. Giving people a more intimate view of what happens behind the scenes can go a long way in attracting the right staff, so think of doing things like posting a status or a picture of them celebrating in the office – things that give an insight into what it might be like to work there and the ‘personality’ of the people they may eventually work with.

Without a doubt, looking after current company employees is vital in attracting prospective applicants. Gaining a reputation as a good employer will go a large way towards someone choosing your company over others. When it comes to choosing where an employee wants to work, a large part of the decision process will hinge on whether or not they will be well treated and enjoy themselves in their future workplace.

One of the most attractive parts of your company to any employee will be the company culture. If your culture stands out and is known for encouraging education and professional development, then it shows that you as a company are committed to the growth of your employees and that you care about their personal success.

Some companies have programmes in place so that when a member of staff decides to increase their skill base and gain another qualification in their field they will get a pay rise. This now means you have more qualified staff and that qualification will stick with them for the rest of their career.

Many people will have busy schedules outside of the office, so offering them hours that work with those schedules or the option to work from home some days never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Family obligations, child care, and medical appointments can mean that a flexible work schedule is a fundamental need. That extra 30 minutes from flexi-time might just tip the scale.

Positive reinforcement is, of course, key to motivating staff and making them feel valued at your company. Adding an incentive scheme can be one way of achieving this. It can be anything from a gift for landing a particularly difficult deal or paying for staff lunches one day of the month. Let them know how they directly contribute to the businesses success and that the harder they work, the more prosperous the organisation will be and the more they will get out of their role.

When employees don’t feel like they are valued in a company, they won’t enjoy the work that they are doing and will decide to move on to greener pastures. In summary, if you keep your staff happy and make sure they know how valuable they are, joining your company will become an easy decision for potential staff. For existing staff, leaving for other opportunities will be the furthest thought from their minds
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