When looking to recruit staff a rounded assessment of a candidate’s skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits is essential.  Our Candidate Assessment Services in partnership with Jackie Barnett, provides clients with the ability to look at a candidates wider fit with the role and organisation values.

Tier 1

Offered to entry-level and junior positions:

  • Psychometrics based on the skills/competencies required for the job
  • Personality profiling
  • Team working attributes (Belbin & MBTI)
  • Skillset tests such as:
    • Numerical reasoning test - Used to identify how candidates interpret data, often via a combination of written and statistical information presented in reports, graphs or charts. 
    • Verbal reasoning test - Used as a way to determine candidates ability to evaluate detailed written information so as to make an informed decision. 
    • Inductive reasoning test - These require candidates to identify trends or patterns, typically using diagrammatic information.
    • Diagrammatic reasoning test - These assess candidates capacity for logical reasoning, using flowcharts and diagrams.
    • Logical reasoning test - Aims to evaluate candidates skills in reaching a conclusion, these tests are also often known as deductive reasoning tests.
    • Situational Judgement tests - Assess candidates ability at solving problems in work-related situations. 
    • Error checking test - Assesses candidates ability to quickly identify any errors in complex data sets such as codes, or combinations of alpha-numeric characters. 

Tier 2

Offered to Mid and Senior Management recruitment positions:

  • All items included in the Tier 1 service
  • Skills and personality psychometrics that would include:
    • a follow up meeting/zoom call with the candidate to validate the test results
    • a full report based on the outcomes of that interview

Tier 3 

Bespoke to the client to include:

  • All items included in the Tier 2 service
  • A meeting with you (the client) to understand the role (skillset required), your needs, company values etc.
  • Support at interview to read candidate body language and provide feedback as well as questioning the interviewee if needed. 
  • Support when candidates do a presentation and feedback on body language, presentation skills, standard of slides, relevance of content to the brief etc.


Additional services

Training on interview techniques can also be provided including different types of questioning, things that are legal and illegal to ask (on discrimination grounds etc.), understanding body language and how to make the interviewee feel more relaxed etc.


To find out more about how our Candidate Assessment Services can help you to select the right talent for your business please contact us on 01642 718 949, or email